Military personnel who are sent into warfare are trained for years to carry out missions with precision and unwavering emotion. Many struggle with re-adjusting to civilian life.

In certain cases,

PTSD can turn deadly.

This novel represents

 an extreme example.   

it began in 1976... 2016 should be the year the East Area Rapist is caught...

A series of haunting rapes and murders plagued California between 1976 and 1986. These unsolved crimes inspired the novel, which details various theories either dismissed or overlooked by law enforcement.

​​​'The terror this rapist is

generating could cause

someone to shoot his own

son coming  home from a late night.'

'Pulling on surgical gloves and pushing open the unlocked window, he lifted his lean body into the house with the ease of a gymnast.' 

- Beth Ruyak,Host of NPR's 'Insight'   

"It's a part of Sacramento history I didn't know a lot about.  ​The fictionalized parts, I think, are apparent. So you can weed through to where the fact is.

To this day, no crimes since 1986. We don't know what happened to him. ​You have a very interesting book here."  


& Author    

Duane D. Wilson